I just published a video where I show you how I made $500,000 from one single blog post.


From ONE blog post.

It’s a long video. 84 minutes. It’s from a presentation I gave at a mastermind where many of the people in the room were advanced business owners. So, I know you’ll dig it.

How I Got $500,000 From One Blog Post

Now, I know this sounds like clickbait. And it sort of is. But when you watch the full video, it will all make sense.

I know it’s a long video. But this is the sort of value you should expect on my new YouTube channel. Great. Free. Content. Just like this. A true “behind the scenes” of the life of an entrepreneur.

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Now, you might be hesitant to watch it, so here are what some people said about the video so far…

But look at what some people have said so far…

I'm going to be honest. When I saw that this video was an hour and a half...I almost didn’t watch, but I decided to give is a chance and boy am I glad I did.

I’m 45mins in and I had to pause because holy shit this is good. I love your approach to looking at your audience at 3 stages of awareness rather than simply demographics. 

The way you used Zippy Courses as an example and how you would change the headline for each level of awareness made it much easier to understand.

It’s also fascinating to see how you focus on solving a specific problem but marketing it to different types of people (hair dressers etc) to really exhaust it.

Ok...back to watching. For anyone raising an eyebrow about the length...it’s worth it.

I’m only 25 minutes into this video and I’ve learned more about how to approach lead gen than I did from watching a 2 hour video from another influencer! I’ll finish the video, but so far, good work Derek. 👍🏼 I’ll keep watching everyday- love the daily video

I really like your 3 types of customers. It’s similar to the buyer’s journey I learned from content marketing - Awareness, Consideration, Decision. However, this concept of broadening the message all the way out to the Oblivious Customer is genius. I really needed this right now. I am trying to figure out how to re-launch my course with a different perspective, because the first launch a few months ago didn’t go so well. So I will take into account that sales can come from “hidden” customers in my list as long as I change the message to be relevant to them. Love it!!

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