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How to Amplify Your LinkedIn Profile Headline:

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The second part we’re going to talk about in your profile on The Key Areas is your headline. Your headline is directly below your name. In this case, what you want to do is you want to take a look at who you are. Then, you want to also include what you do, and you also want to include a call to action. In this case, mine is “Your small, medium business marketing resource.” That’s who I am, and “That will help you generate up to ten times more sales lead”, what I do. Then, the last bit which is “Ask me how”, which is my call to action.Amplifying Your LinkedIn Profile HeadlineWhatever you do, don’t put your job title in here. Don’t put anything like that. I mean, you’re better off even just putting in the market you serve and how you do it, than just putting a job title in here. This is a winning formula. Just say who you are, what you do, and then have people reach out to me, call me, whatever it is.

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