How To Amplify Your LinkedIn Profile Tip 5 - Your Location and Industry Podcast

Amplifying Your LinkedIn Profile Tip 5 – Your Location and Industry:

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The next key area that we want to take a look at on your profile is your location and industry. Now, it’s extremely important to include an industry because it’s going to increase your profile views by up to 15%. Make sure you pick your industry correctly. Now, why is it going to increase your profile views by up to 15%? When people go into LinkedIn, let’s say B2B buyers that are looking for people to help them out, they will also use the advanced search functionality and try to find people that are within a specific industry to try to help them out.

If you’ve got your industry matched correctly, then what happens is people are going to find you, and that’s where you get your profile views that go up by 15 times. The other thing, make sure you include a picture and you fill your profile out so that when they get there, they’re taking you serious at that point in time. There’s where you find the first of all where you’re at location wise, and also the industry. Now, when you edit your profile, what you do is you click the pencil beside it. What you do is you take the drop down menu, you pick the country you’re in, you pick your postal code, and it will bring you closer to the location where you are.

Now, in this case, I could pick Calgary, Alberta, Canada, or I could pick Calgary, Canada. I’ve not seen any data that tells me whether one is better than the other, but I decided to pick the city, province and country version because of the fact that people may search on Alberta. They may search on Canada. It just gives me one extra level on there. The other thing too is I can click on the industry.

When I click on the industry, what I’m going to get is a huge list of potential industries that I can go into. My suggestion would be when you click on this, go through the list, scroll through, and find the one that is going to best suit what you’re in so that you get those 15 times greater views targeted towards you and/or your team.

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