Kickfurther InvestingIf you’ve ever wondered why there isn’t a KickStarter style program that actually rewards you with money rather than products then you must read this Kickfurther Review.

So rather than spend your hard earned money on a ‘Kickstarter’ style product, waiting for months or years for the rewards to actually ship in the hope of getting a small early backer discount, you can flip that idea on its head and actually earn money from crowdfunding instead.

And Kickfurther can actually make you money while backing the companies or products you believe in. Then with the profits earned, you can bank them, re-invest them or even use them to treat yourself to one of the products you supported.

The choice is totally yours.

So let’s learn a little more about Kickfurther and the way you can make money investing in crowdsourcing.

Kickfurther Review

What is Kickfurther?

Kickfurther is simply an online platform for crowdsourcing inventory. And unlike ‘Kickstarter’ these companies are real and actually have a track record selling these products already.

There are no start-up risks at Kickfurther.

Just brands with proven track records that need extra money to scale their business.

And as the saying goes ‘You need money to make money’, which is why these brands need your money to expand.

Of course, there are significant discounts to be enjoyed when purchasing in bulk, which enables the supplier to pass on some of these profits to you.

How Does Kickfurther Work?

When you join Kickfurther you are asked to setup a Seller or Buyer profile.


Make Money InvestingSelect brands to invest in by searching through the Consignment Opportunities (Co-Op) available on any given day.

You can browse the different Co-Ops to find out how much profit you could earn, and how long it will take to earn that profit. There are also some credibility metrics to help you make informed decisions.

Once you’ve found the right seller, you then decide how much inventory you wish to purchase.

Then like Kickstarter the Co-Op needs to be fully funded before it’s ‘live’.

After going ‘live’ and as those products sell, you earn your share of the stated profit. Eventually, when all products sell, the consignment contract is completed and you can choose reinvest in other opportunities.

Plus as a Buyer you can sell products listed on Kickfurther and earn affiliate commissions, but more on that later in the Kickfurther Review.

PS: Get a $5 starter reward for using this referral link – http://kickfurther.com/buyer-referral/xhkc83553x


As a seller, you are expected to have an established brand for your offering. Then you can use Kickfurther to crowdsource the money you need to purchase more inventory.

Buying inventory using crowdfunding ensures you can pass on the savings to real people and not to pay off bank loans.

And you can also use crowdsourcing as a way to further promote your product to people clearly interested in your products.

As a bonus, every buyer gets a store which they can use to promote products and earn affiliate commissions.

If you are a seller of products and want to crowdsource inventory then use this referral link to get you started – http://kickfurther.com/business-referral/xhkc83553x and I’ll reinvest any referral earning back into your business as a way of saying thanks.

Let’s take a look at the Kickfurther review video…

How to Make Money Investing with Kickfurther

Kickfurther ReviewWith hundreds of Co-Op opportunities to choose from daily and 89% of Co-Ops being fully funded there are worse ways to make money investing.

And with an average return of over 15% annually, it’s a much better return than the 1-2% you can make with the banks and has seemingly less risk than the volatile stock market.

But buying inventory isn’t the only way you can make money on Kickfurther.

You can also help promote the brands you’ve invested in and make additional affiliate commissions of around 5% using your Kickfurther store.

This allows you to impact the chances of a success a consignment will have without having to actual be pulling the strings.

But with any investment it pays to do due diligence:-

Kickfurther Due Diligence Checklist:

  • Look at the e-commerce of the business if available. Look at how professional it looks, it’s ranking in Google, and the availability of the products etc.
  • Search for reviews of the products; if the reviews are not very good then you may consider other opportunities.
  • Google the business name to find out if it has had any troubles in the past, the Kickfurther Reddit page is also worth checking out.
  • Check the e-commerce platform the business sells on, to find out how popular it is.
  • Check to see if the business has had other Kickfurther campaigns in the past.

Kickfurther Referral Program

Yes, there is a Kickfurther referral program where you can give your friends $5 to get started on Kickfurther. Although as the referrer you only get special keys which allow you to get early access to Co-Op opportunities.

But hey, sharing is caring right and here’s my referral code if you want to try out Kickfurther for yourself – http://kickfurther.com/buyer-referral/xhkc83553x

Besides the obvious Kickfurther referral program, there’s also an opportunity to partner with Kickfurther in their Channel Program. Although this is more for the Professional blogger or YouTuber. (What you have started your blog yet?)


After spending so much time looking at ways to make money online, and only finding a few solid performers, Kickfurther certainly has all the making of a real business opportunity, but as always seek professional investing advice before spending too much money.

And although investing in inventory could make you quicker returns, the low-risk opportunity selling products you believe in with a 5% commission isn’t all that bad either.

And if you already have an Amazon store with a proven track record, you could use Kickfurther to quickly scale your business.

Potential Earnings: 8 MoneyBags

8 Money Bags Rating

Time Required: 1 hr

15 minute time blocks

Thanks for taking the time to read this Kickfurther Review and if you have any questions, come and find me on Twitter @365waysto and I’ll see if I can help. Otherwise, take a look around and discover some of the best ways to make money online.

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