Life Hacks for KidsIn this Life Hacks for Kids – Earn Extra Pocket Money edition you’ll discover how to improve your side hustle and earn extra money. ChaChing!

Let’s face it, your parents have no idea about the real cost of living for kids.

There’s sooooo much to buy with sooooo little money.

So here are a few life hacks for kids to get you earning like a BOSS!

Let’s get started…

Life Hacks for Kids #1 – Make Money on YouTube

Make Money on YouTube

Make Money on YouTubeYep, this video makes money on YouTube every time someone watches or clicks on an ad that’s shown with the video.

This is how people Make Money on YouTube, and you can too!

Your age doesn’t matter if you’ve got your parents permission, but if they think you’re wasting your time then you must be a minimum of 13 years old to set up your own Google Account.

Check out this 11 year-old kid who’s raking in more than a million dollars a year, just with YouTube Ads. Cha-Ching!

Have I got your attention?

Well it turns out his channel has been around for over 5 years, so it could be a little while until you reach this level of income, but making few extra dollars is absolutely within your reach.

So how do you create a YouTube Channel?

Well, first you create a Google Account, like Google+ or a Gmail account.

And once you’re approved, you can easily create your first YouTube Channel by clicking on the ‘Create a Channel Button’

Then it’s time to start uploading videos.

Ask your friends what they watch on YouTube and start making videos just like that.

Then you need to get people to watch your videos so don’t forget to make sure they are half-decent.

Pro Tip: Watching people’s reactions while they watch your videos gives you great feedback on how awesome they are. If they look bored, they probably are.

People watch videos to be entertained, so make sure you’re entertaining, damn it!

You’ll need to upload regularly to your channel so YouTube knows you’re serious and starts to share your videos for you. This is when your YouTube Channel will really start to take off.

But what about the money?

Well, once you’ve got some regular viewer and SUBS you can setup an Adsense account, and put ads on your videos and start making some real money.

Be patient, upload regularly and build up your SUBS and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make money on YouTube.

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Life Hacks for Kids #2 – Get Free Gift Cards

Get Free Gift Cards

Free Gift CardsWhat!

OK, these gift cards are free as in they don’t cost you anything, but you’ll need to spend a little of your free time to earn them.

There are heaps of websites that offer free gift cards, but the one I know you’ll love is GiftHulk.

It’s kids friendly and here’s the Life Hack to your first Free $5 Gift Card.

First, you’ll want to sign up and use this GiftHulk Invite Code. Why?

Because it’ll give you some bonus Hulk Coins to get started, and you’ll earn more Hulk Coins every time you do something on GiftHulk.

You’ll even get Hulk Coins when your friends sign up, so make sure you share your GiftHulk Invite Code with them. You can even share your invite code in the comments section below. I won’t mind.

Pro Tip: And if you share your Invite Code in the comments make sure your friends give you a comment like, so your comment stays at the top :-)

Next, Make a quick video for you YouTube Channel explaining GiftHulk and don’t forget to share your Invite Code in the video.

Then once it’s published you head on over to the GiftHulks Tasks section and claim your bonus 1000 points. Cha Ching!

Then create a Tumblr account and write a few words in a blog post about GiftHulk and then claim another 1000 bonus HulkCoins. ChaChing!

Next head over to GiftHulkTV section and watch a few ads. 5 ads = 25 HulkCoins. Watch as many as you can.

Then head over to the Guess The Card game and use your chips. You start with 4 chips and get more as you get more referrals. I always play guess the suit because you’ve got more chance of winning.

Now, you’ll also want to search the Internet for Gift Hulk Fountain of Youth Codes, which are essentially free HulkCoins. I usually post them in my video comments when I get some to share.

OK, your HulkCoins balance must be getting close to 5000 HulkCoins by now, so finish off with some surveys in the survey section.

They’ll take 10-15 minutes to complete, and you’ll get around 700 HulkCoins per survey.

Complete as many as you need, to get you balance over 5000 HulkCoins, and then it’s time to cash-out. ChaChing!

In the GiftHulk store, you’ll be able to redeem your HulkCoins for Free gift cards or even prizes if they have any in stock.

Pro Tip: Get as many friends to signup as you can because when you reach 50 referrals you’ll get 60 daily chips for the Guess the Card Game and a Bonus $10 Gift Card. ChaChing!

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Life Hacks for Kids #3 – Just Sell Stuff

Just Sell Stuff

Sell StuffLet’s face it, the school canteen is a total ripoff and you can buy stuff more cheaply at places like Walmart and Safeway.

So why don’t more kids do this?

Because they’re lazy and can’t be bothered.

So use this to your advantage and shop for them. It’ll take a little time out of your day and you can sell the stuff you buy to your friends.

Of course, you’ll want to sell your stuff slightly cheaper than the school canteen, but high enough to make a small profit.

You can also sell stationery and other essential items that kids need at school.

And another great thing to sell, is the stuff that’s trending at school right now. There is always some fad toy or gadget that everyone wants so just make sure you have plenty of these on hand, for the really desperate buyers.

You can even buy and sell trading cards, as long as you know the value of the cards and a good deal when you see it.

Traps for Noobs

  • Don’t get caught – When a teacher gives you a warning, play it cool for a while because they’ll have eyes on you and your activities.
  • Don’t work out of your locker – This will be too obvious, so trade from your lunchbox, as it just looks like your parents gave you the extra candy ????

Pro Tip: Another way to make extra money selling, is by finding free stuff and then selling it on eBay or Craiglist, but you might need to get your parents to help with this one.

TLDR; (Then watch the video)

So these Life Hacks for Kids should keep you busy for awhile but there are plenty of other ways for Kids to Make Money Online  on the blog.

So be sure to check it out regularly and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

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