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In Episode 256 we meet John Lincoln. John is the CEO of Ignite Visibility, an Internet Marketing company based in San Diego. John is also a teacher at the UCSD, and a contributing writer at Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and is the author of ‘Digital Influencer: A Guide to Achieving Influencer Status Online’.

In January 2013, John quit his job at SEO, Inc. and gave up a salary of over $100k to start Ignite Visibility with his co-founder Krish Coughran. Investing roughly $10k personally in the business, John was able to “establish positive cash flow right away” because “I already had a really good name in the industry.”

“We were up to 9 clients within the first 6 months,” John continued.

What do you charge your clients?

“Our general contracts are between $2k/month all the way up to $20k/month,” John says continuing that, “a good size contract for us is around $4k or $5k.”

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What was your total revenue in your first year?

“The first year (2013) we did just under $1million,” John explains.

What was your total revenue in 2015?

“And in 2015, we did a little over $2 (million),” John explains continuing that, “and this year will be over $3 (million).”

“Yeah, I think it’s really important that you establish goals and you create a sound business model,” John states and continues that his goal is to do “$5million in 5 years.”

What about costs?

“Margins for most agencies, ours included, is in kind of the 20-30% range,” John says further explaining that costs are off of “net” numbers.

So let’s talk about the book, was writing the book worth it?

“Ohhhh, it was so worth it!” John explains continuing that, “you know it’s been one of the best things that I have ever done in my life, is writing this book!”

“It was featured on Forbes as one of the #1 new marketing books to read in 2016,” he continues.

So how many books have you sold thus far?

“We are about 500 copies sold so far,” John says.

John self-published on Amazon using CreateSpace in February 2016, and is promising to donate the proceeds to charity once he hits the 1k sold marker.

How much money do authors make?

Chris has sold over 300,000 books. Go study his episode now if you want to make money with a big book deal.

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