In this TypoBounty Review, we look at how you can proofread from home and make extra cash finding other people mistakes. There are literally thousands of typo’s being created every day and people usually correct other people’s writing for free.

But as a TypoBounty Hunter, you can earn money for finding these mistakes while proofreading at home.

TypoBounty Review

What is TypoBounty?

TypoBounty ReviewTypoBounty.com is the headquarters for the Typo Bounty Movement. This movement was created to help clean up the web of typo’s and to help everyday website owners with proofreading services.

TypoBounty has turned proofreading into the Internets biggest game and with millions of active websites, there are plenty of typo’s to find.

And best of all you can Proofread from home, and make extra cash or collect rewards or badges.

How Does TypoBounty Work?

As a TypoBounty Hunter, you spot typo’s while surfing the Internet. You then refer the website to TypoBounty and if the website owner wants to participate and have hundreds of proofreading eyes looking through their content, then you can start reporting.

As the finder or referrer of a new website, you get 2 days to proofread from home before the rest of the TypoBounty Community gets to hear about it. Sweet!

And for each typo you find, you’ll get paid $2 as a minimum.

But you don’t need to find new websites to make extra cash, as you can search the existing websites that have already signed up with TypoBounty. Check out their homepage.

Let’s take a look at the TypoBounty review video…


How to Make Money with TypoBounty

Essentially, TypoBounty is a proofreading service, that provides websites with proofreaders to fix up their web copy. And although you can take advantage of the existing client’s, chances are they have already been cleaned-up of Typo’s.

grammarlySo here’s how to make real money with TypoBounty.

#1 – Sign-up with TypoBounty

#2 – Find websites not already with TypoBounty that have typo’s

#3 – Refer them to Typo Bounty

#4 – Then take advantage of a 2-day window to find and report typo’s before everyone else does.

Pro Tip: Use a Tool like Grammarly and copy the web page text into a new document and let Grammarly do all the hard proofreading work for you.

Is TypoBounty Legit?

I have no doubt TypoBounty is legit, but when you look at the participating websites ‘latest findings’ found on their homepage, you see a trend of Advertisers not replying to errors that have been found.

This would imply not all websites are paying and are just using TypoBounty to gain website traffic.

Just be wary of spending too much time searching through these sites if the advertiser’s aren’t being responsive or you might be getting ‘gamed’ yourself.

My rule of thumb is not to bother with any domain that it’s a real domain like a dot com as these aren’t real websites anyway, and could disappear overnight. An example of this is a free Wix or WordPress website.

TypoBounty Referral Program

There isn’t your typical Referral Program but by finding websites that have typo’s you can lock in a 2 day period where you are the only person allowed to find and report errors. This could mean you’ll take all the booty home before other Typo Hunters get a chance.

Of course, the website you refer must agree to advertise on the TypoBounty Network before you can get paid.


On face value, TypoBounty seems like a great idea, but as a website owner, I’m not going to be too interested in fixing up small typo’s for cash. Maybe the proofreading from home revolution is yet to take off, but you aren’t going to make a lot of money on this website.

Of course, this might change in the future and this TypoBounty review was created with only a one-day snapshot. So, I’ll report back and update the rating if things improve over time.

Potential Earnings:  2 MONEYBAGS


Time Required: 1+ hours

15 minute time blocks

Thanks for taking the time to read this TypoBounty Review and if you have any questions, come and find me on Twitter @365waysto and I’ll see if I can help. Otherwise, take a look around and discover some of the best ways to make money online.

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