YouTube TipsIf you’re just starting on YouTube then you need to know these YouTube tips to grow your channel.  The following are just the best tips to growth hack your youtube channel as learned from Vidsummit 2016

You see YouTube is continually changing the way it promotes your videos, and it uses a few key indicators to help make these decisions. These key indicators make up what’s called the YouTube Algorithm. And although it’s a greatly guarded secret, it behaves in a particular way which is how we are able to reverse engineer what’s going on.

But fortunately for us, YouTube leaves a breadcrumb trail in plain sight. You’ll find these breadcrumbs in your YouTube Analytics Panel.

YouTube Tips to Grow Your Channel

Yes, the answers you’ve been looking for are in plain site.

Watch Time

However, first let’s look at the old YouTube Analytics Dashboard from a few years ago so we can see how it’s changed over time.

Old YouTube Analytics Dashboard

So as you can see “Performance” was the main key indicator YouTube wanted you to pay attention too, followed by “Minutes Watched” and then “Subscribers”.

And you might remember it was all about the amount of views and subscribers you had which determined if your Youtube Channel was successful or not.

So let’s contrast that to the YouTube Analytics Dashboard today.

New Google Analytics Dashboard

See how it’s changed?

Now YouTube want you to focus on total “Watch Time” and “Average View Duration” for your videos. Views are less important than making engaging content that keeps people on your channel longer.

1 view at 10 minutes is far better than 5 views for a 1 minute each.

And you’ll notice subscribers is now hidden in the bottom right-hand corner. Becuase Subscribers doesn’t immediately equate to be a popular channel anymore. In fact some large channels like PewDiePie only get 10% of their subscribers watching any given video.


However,  I’ll give you a YouTube tip on how to improve that metric latter.

Now you understand that “Watch Time” is your most important objective how do you increase this?

Average View Duration

Average View Duration is another metric YouTube want you to improve because a longer the view duration translates into increased watch time.

Yes, they are really trying to help you play their game and become a successful YouTuber. As more successful YouTubers there are the more money they make.

You probably realized that not everyone watches through to the end of a video, but only watching half of a 2-minute video is not the same as watching half of a 10-minute video.

So you can increase channel watch times by increasing the length of your videos. And videos over 10-minute long allows for more advertising opportunities which is more money in your pocket.

But remember you need to make engaging and interesting videos as any long form content that doesn’t get watched won’t help your channel to grow.

Tip: Consider making a compilation, or group like video ideas into a single 10+ minute video.

Viewing Velocity

Viewing velocity is determined by the amount of views you have after your video has been published and the first 24-48 hours are the most important.

During the first 24-48 hours Google is trying to determine if your video is popular or not to decide if they’ll promote it further as a suggested video or elevate it in the search results.

NB: The first 24-48 hours are really IMPORTANT!

If you get enough early traffic to your video, it could be the difference between having a ‘hit’ or a ‘flop’.

This explains why those popular channels get ranked higher than because they usually have a really high viewing velocity immediately after publishing a video.

All thanks to their active subscriber base.

If you have vidIQ installed you can see your Viewing Velocity for any given video. In this image, it’s right at the top and is called ‘views per hour’

vidIQ statistics

Yes, this video is making more than $20/per hour 24 hours a day. That’s quite a tidy sum of money for 1 video wouldn’t you say.

Tip: If you aren’t using vidIQ yet, you should be, because it’s a great way to research trending videos and learn more about your videos without having to understand the YouTube Analytics. Get it for FREE here – https://vidiq.com/apps/vision/

For those interested I’ll be doing a Growth Hacking Case Study Video on this channel soon, so please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. And you’ll be the first to know when it’s released.

Improving Viewing Velocity

Apart from the obvious method of sharing your video to social media and driving as must traffic as you can in the first 24-48 hours there is another way you can improve your viewing velocity by making one simple change to your videos.

And here’s that tip I mentioned earlier – You can increase your viewing velocity by ensuring you add a specific ‘End Card’.

You’ll find the ‘End Cards’ tab when you’re editing a video and you should have ‘End Cards’ on each of your videos as these replace Annotations and are compatible and in both the desktop and mobile interface.

The ‘End Card’ element you must have to improve your viewing velocity is called ‘Most Recent Upload‘.

This ‘End Card’ ensures that viewers watching your other videos will be made aware of your latest video and will increase the view velocity of the new video immediately after you’ve published it.

If you aren’t using this ‘End Card’ in all your videos then go back and add it. It’ll really help improve your view velocity for new videos.

But knowing all of this information is pointless if no one clicks on your video in the first instance. So here’s two more YouTube Tips you need to know.

Make Good Thumbnails

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for – Milton Glaser

It’s true, a picture tells a thousand words and a good Thumbnail like a picture must tell a story to POP amongst the rest.


Good Thumbnail Design Bad Thumbnail Design

If you follow the strategy above you might get promoted in more places in YouTube but that isn’t going to help if no one clicks on your video and a good Thumbnail is the first way to attract the attention of potential viewers.

So spend some time of your thumbnail and make it pop. If you’re not confident with thumbnail creation you can always pay someone on a service like fiverr.com to do it for you.

And you’ll only need at 5,000 views to make this pay for itself.

Once you’ve decided on the best thumbnail to use, make sure you test it against others in your target keyword category. If it doesn’t stand out from the competition then you need to try again.

Write Good Headlines

I’ve written before about making good headlines for bloggers and the same principles apply for YouTube videos. You are limited to 100 characters so make sure you get to the point immediately.

Best practice for Good Headlines involves moving your keywords as close to the front of the headline as you can. And don’t be afraid to use the full 100 characters, with another ranking keyword phrase near the end.

But don’t keyword stack as this is against YouTube Community Guidelines and isn’t enticing for the viewer.

So using a combination of good thumbnails and engaging headlines you can take advantage of any favorable ranking you might receive and get people to click on your videos.

Your job then is to make sure they are engaged enough to keep watching to help improve your ‘watch time’ bottom line.


Hopefully, these YouTube Tips have been helpful and if you have any comments, come and find me on Twitter @365waysto and I’ll see if I can help. Otherwise, take a look around and discover some of the best ways to make money online.

And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for other ways to make money online.

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